Fascinations in Dubai

Fascinations in Dubai

Arriving in Dubai from anywhere in the world invariably inspires amusement. As happens with many of us who visit from afar –the first impressions of the city are awe and wonder; how could this happen in such a span of a single generation?

It may be that the greatest joy of life in Dubai remains the gargantuan opportunities for both work and leisure; while the city works very hard, it takes its pleasures extremely seriously. The broad array of opportunities for pleasure is in part driven by the cultural diversity of residents in Dubai. Substantial populations from scores of cultures reside in the city, hence leisure activities that cater to diverse tastes are available. Far from being cliquish, most recreational activities welcome a broad range of participants from different backgrounds. Together individuals share fun and expand their cultural awareness.

A glimpse of Dubai in movies and in magazines makes it pretty evident that this city in the desert does everything massive and glitzy all with the goal to impress. This most visited emirates boasts many of the world’s most sprawling shopping malls and many other vast attractions to amaze and delight tourists. Here are a few of the amazing attractions to see in Dubai….

Burj Khalifa

Towering above the skyline like a futuristic rocket, the Burj Khalifa has earned its place as the tallest free-standing structure in the world. It’s impossible to miss it from anywhere in the city, but actually one should make a point to take the elevator to the 124th floor observation deck in 60 seconds –particularly at night –the view is not to be missed.

The Dubai Fountain




The Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system set on a 30 acre man-made Burj Khalifa Lake, at the center of the downtown Dubai development. The fountain can spray 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any moment. It consists of many high-pressure water jets and shooters which can make the water seem to dance. The fountain is animated with performances set to light and music.


The Mall of the Emirates

 skidubaii -lift


 image skiers

The Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world outside of America, boasts more than 400 shops, a 14-screen cinema complex, restaurants and a five star Kempinski hotel. However, it is Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski resort which features an 85 meter high indoor mountain with 5 slopes of varying steepness and difficulty. A quad lift and a tow lift that carries skiers and snowboarders up the mountain. Adjoining the slopes is a 3,000 square meter Snow Park play area comprised of sled and toboggan runs, an icy body slide, climbing towers, giant snowballs and an ice cave. Your family and friends at home won’t believe the pictures of you hitting the slopes in the middle of the desert.


The Dubai Mall

image aquarium


 Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo 1_tcm87-23505

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall based on total area and the thirteenth largest by gross leasable area, over 13 million square feet,  the Dubai Mall has a total interior floor area of 5.9 million square feet and leasable space of 3.77 million square feet. It also has a 250 room luxury hotel, 22 cinema screens and 120 restaurants and cafes. The Aquarium & Underwater Zoo maybe a little unusual –in the middle of the Dubai Mall –but that’s Dubai. The aquarium is one of the largest tanks in the world at 51m x 20m x 11m and features the largest viewing panel at 32.8m wide and 8.3m high. The aquarium has more than 33,000 living species of fish in their natural habitat, including 400 sharks and rays combined.

Dubai aquariums’ 270 degree acrylic walk through tunnel makes for incredible close-encounter experiences with some of the most fascinating underwater aquatic species on the planet. A special “lunar-cycle” lighting system will change the ambiance of the tank depending on the time of day.

The Ibn Battuta Mall

 photo elephant #2    800px-Starbucks_at_Ibn_Battuta_Mall_Dubai

The layout of one of the newest shopping malls in Dubai, Ibn Battuta Mall, was inspired by the legendary Arab explorer of the same name, with shopping courts themed around his world travels. The six attractive courts within the mall include architectural elements reminiscent of the Andalusian, North Africa, Egyptian, Persian, Indian and Chinese regions


Desert Dining 

If an authentic Bedouin desert excursion is what you’re after, tour companies offer guided romps via a sturdy camel ride to a traditional tent –complete with belly dancers and a bona fide Arabic meal.


The soul of Dubai is much more than jobs and money; indeed it is an enchanting place due to its overwhelmingly fortunate circumstances. So much is available in this relatively small place; the unique diversity of people from different cultures, the consistent and careful balance of traditions with progress and the singularly alluring physical characteristics of Dubai itself. When combined, the mix is unbeatable. The underlying and mystifying question that fascinates us all; precisely how was it possible to conceive and actualize such a grand city so quickly and in an inhospitable environment? Perhaps the traditional and legendary hospitality of the local population offers a strong clue. Even in the worldly center of Dubai, amid multinational corporations and frenetic activity, a warmth of spirit pervades. Following the example of the locals, the residents of Dubai have joined together to compose a new sort of city, one that proves eminently rich and rewarding to its people and tourists.

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